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Michigan Police Brutality Lawyers

Police Brutality (or Misconduct) is a use of excessive force by a law enforcement agent. An experienced Michigan police brutality attorney can protect and defend your rights against this form of injustice. While many people feel even an appropriate amount of force as excessive, many times it is a necessity for the safety of the police officer, bystanders, or even the offender themselves. However, cases have developed where law enforcement officers have abused their authoritative power and mistreated citizens.

Police are employed to keep society from chaos. However, sometimes law enforcement may develop a sense of authority over the rest of society. This detachment can cause them to feel alienated and to ignore the laws and regulations the rest of us must abide by.

Police Misconduct is a broad term, but many common cases include the following aspects:

In opposition to popular belief, the rise in police brutality rates are not due to an increase in incidents, but rather an increase in availability of video cameras and camera phones. This documentation can take a ‘he said / she said’ incident into the courts for some actual contemplation. These videos are compared to a Use of Force Continuum which sets the levels of force considered appropriate to the subject’s behavior.

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