Michigan Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Lawyer

Sexual harassment on the job in an employment setting is unlawful. Sexual harassment in the workplace can take the form of quid pro quo sexual harassment, hostile work environment or disparate treatment. In a quid pro quo sexual harassment case, the employer demands some sort of sexual favor in return for favorable treatment at work, a raise or promotion, better job duties, because of a threat of a demotion, or because of a threat of a termination.

In a hostile workplace case, an employee is subjected to unwelcome verbal sexual comments or physical acts by another employee or the employer. It must occur with some regularity in order to be actionable. In a disparate treatment case, an employee is treated differently in the employment setting because of their sexual orientation. An example of this would be a man doing the same exact job as a woman and getting paid more because he is a man. The opposite also holds true.

Your job may have been adversely, unlawfully or unfairly affected in the following manner:

  • Hostile work environment
  • Termination
  • Demotion
  • Cut in pay
  • Cut in hours
  • Job transfers
  • Change in hours or shifts
  • Change in job duties
  • Harassment