Citation – A summons to appear in court.

Damages – Compensation that is recovered in the courts by an individual who has suffered detriment, loss, or injury to themselves, rights, or property through the unlawful act or carelessness of another.

Fine – An amount of money that is imposed upon a convicted individual as punishment for a crime.

Hearing – Generally open to the public, a hearing is court proceeding before a judge.

Hit and Run – An accident in which someone hits another car or pedestrian and flees the scene.

Injure – To harm, hurt, and violate the legal rights of another individual.

Negligence – Carelessness; absence of regular care.

Parties – Individuals, businesses, corporations or other associations who are defendants or that have commenced a lawsuit.

Personal Auto Policy – Often referred to as PAP, this is the most common auto insurance policy that is sold today. It provides coverage for medical payments, liability, uninsured or under insured motorist coverage, and physical damage protection.

Personal Injury Protection – Benefits for loss of income from work, essential services, funeral expenses, accidental death, survivor benefits and medical expenses is usually included with Personal Injury Protection – also known as PIP