Michigan Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When facing a typical bicycle accident on a residential sidewalk, many persons face scrapped knees or a chipped tooth at worst. Typically, however, if a bicycle accident involves a motor vehicle, the results often times prove catastrophic and lethal. We are aware of just how damaging a seemingly innocuous bicycle ride on city streets can become for the typical rider. Given the large mass of a motor vehicle, the rate of speed that vehicles travel, and the unprotected nature of many bicyclists, injuries and bicycle damage are almost a constant factor when bicyclists and motorists collide. In other instances, unsafe or negligent conditions of sidewalks or property may cause a rider at a higher rate of speed to lose control and suffer serious physical injuries.

Statistics from government sources cite percentages ranging from 60 to 75% of serious bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle. There a number of methods bicyclists can implement to reduce their chances of becoming involved in a bicycle accident, including:

  • Proper bike maintenance and mechanical functioning
  • Using a helmet and other protective gear
  • Utilizing bike paths when available
  • Avoiding riding when road conditions prove hazardous
  • Riding within the realm and regulations of the rules of the road for motorists
  • Understanding motorists do not respect the rights of bicyclists

With the latter point being mentioned, bicyclists are afforded the same rights as other vehicles on the road. A Michigan bicycle attorney can help you reclaim your legal rights following an accident. Financial compensation for injuries, medical expenses, property damages and lost wages are all afforded for other drivers in car accidents, and in the same manner, bicyclists injured in accidents can expect the same assistance with the intervention of a Michigan bicycle accident attorney. Have you been hurt or injured in a bicycle accident? Contact a Michigan bicycle accident attorney right away to expedite your recovery today!