Car Accident SUV Rollovers

Every day in Michigan, there are many SUV rollovers. Not only do occupants of the SUV face potential injury from the initial rollover, but additional risks are faced due to the roof collapsing, lack of headrest or head restraint devices, defective seat belts or air bags, or even windshields or window glass that can allow the occupants to be ejected from the SUV during the rollover.

An SUV rollover can be the result of:

  • Poor stability design
  • Tire failures
  • Tire tread defects
  • Inadequate brakes
  • A poorly designed suspension system

If an SUV has a defective fuel tank or fuel system, it can lead to fires directly after an SUV rollover, which can result in further injury or even death. Also, another severe risk that passengers face in SUV rollovers is the possibility of the roof collapsing. In many of these cases, roof pillars (what supports the roof) collapse during the rollover. In the majority of these cases, when the injuries are not fatal, the passengers are subjected to a variety of injuries such as brain contusions, paralysis, neck fractures, brain injuries and more.

In an SUV rollover case, the scene of the accident plays a vital role. Important evidence like pictures of tire marks, rim gouges, tire pieces and yaw marks are critical. The more time that passes, the more these images are harder to document and identify, so it is important to have a qualified and experienced SUV rollover lawyer get on the case as soon as possible.