Michigan Accidental Injury Lawyers and Attorneys

Thousands of people are afflicted with accidental injuries every year in the United States. An accident can happen anywhere or at any time. It can happen at home or in a playground or even in a hospital. There is no limit to where or what can happen at any given time.Accidental injuries can have a debilitating effect on you and/or your family that may last for years if not a lifetime.

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provided estimates for accidental injuries in the U.S:

  • 9,300 injuries were caused by fireworks.
  • 3,000 injuries were caused by mobile amusement rides.
  • 205,850 injuries caused by playground equipment required ER treatment.
  • 1,750 people had injuries caused by ice hockey.
  • 8,500 people had injuries caused by tennis.
  • 17,500 people had injuries caused by volleyball.
  • 7,500 people had injuries caused by swimming pools.
  • 5,000 people had injuries caused by golf.
  • 10,000 people had injuries caused by football.
  • 8,000 people had injuries caused by weight lifting.
  • 43,000 people had injuries caused by bicycles.

*The study focused on people aged 35-54 which require emergency room treatment.

The study also had alarming numbers for accidental injuries while persons were undergoing physical or occupational therapies. As well the study showed some long term effect of accidental injuries that are not considered at the time of the injury such as growth plate injuries most dangerous for young bones, and some eye injuries caused by head traumas such as posterior vitreous detachment, Retinal detachment, and vitreous detachment that can have long term effects on vision and lead to eye problems later on in life.

It is clear that life is hazardous and we need help to get through it should anything happen to interrupt our natural flow of life. Anyone can find themselves in any of the above-mentioned situations or in any other accident. If it happens to you get legal representation and get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering due to an accidental injury.