Michigan Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

A type of injury that affects the spinal cord nerves is known as a spinal cord injury. An injury to this extent can result in life altering complications. A spinal cord injury can affect a variety of movements and capabilities, such as the ability to move, walk, feel or even breathe. Has your loved one sustained a spinal cord injury from an accident because someone else was negligent? It is important to speak with a lawyer. You may be entitled to monetary compensation.

A spinal cord injury can result from a number of things, but some of the most common causes include:

Although many different things can result in a spinal cord injury, the number one cause is motor vehicle accidents. Statistics show that car accidents are the cause of 50% of new spinal cord injuries each year. However, for victims of spinal cord injury over the age of 65, one of the biggest causes is slip and fall. Athletes can also sustain spinal cord injuries when playing sports. Cancer, arthritis, infections, spinal cord inflammation and other diseases are a common cause of spinal cord injuries as well. Finally, violent acts – such as a gunshot wound – can result in a spinal cord injury.

Aside from permanent disabilities, a spinal cord injury can result in other complications as well. Many victims of spinal cord injury also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, and phobias and many experience severe pain, infertility and bladder control loss. Our Michigan attorneys can help determine whether or not your SCI was caused by another person’s negligence.

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