Michigan Jail Injury Lawyer

Michigan jail detainees are entitled to some basic civil and human rights under the law. Just because a person is in jail does not mean that they should be abused, neglected, or treated with less dignity. Detainees face an often brutal and abusive existence in prison and should not be discarded as social incidentals. Every year, many detainees in Michigan jails get injured either by inmate violence, excessive force or abuse by a corrections officer, or from the transportation of prisoners from one facility to another. If you know someone who has experienced harm while imprisoned, it is possible that a Michigan prison injury lawyer can help.

Though they are hired to protect inmates from harm, corrections officer misconduct repeatedly occurs and with total disregard for human rights. This behavior may consist of:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse (verbal taunting)
  • Physical abuse (random beatings)
  • Neglect to acknowledge a prisoner’s fundamental human rights
  • Failure to acknowledge an assault and/or rape inflicted by other prisoners

An increase in detentions in the U.S. has lead to a decrease in corrections officer tolerance and an overpopulation problem that only promises to get worse. The current corrections facility staff to inmate ratio is inadequate to prevent and protect inmates from violent acts and injuries. That ratio looks to get worse in the future. In Michigan, there are 43 facilities, 10 camps, and a Special Alternative Incarceration (SAI) program that houses close to 50,000 inmates. Though these numbers are high, the prison population is still expected to keep growing. Inmates have the right to safety, medical attention, and basic human rights. With the correction systems break down due to inmate overpopulation and inadequate staffing, we are bound to see an increase in preventable injury. A prison injury lawyer can hold accountable those who are responsible for the causes of such preventable events.

Michigan inmates suffer from all kinds of medical conditions and injuries while in jail that come about either from being detained or from health issues that develop while in prison. These are often preventable conditions. Sometimes these injuries lead to lifelong problems even after inmates have served their sentences, have been released, or rehabilitated. They may suffer physical pain or may have contracted diseases that will affect them the rest of their lives. The corrections officers are responsible for the safety of the inmates while incarcerated and must act on any reports of inmate violence. However, with the out of control ratio of inmate to guard, the likelihood of prison injuries, violence, and corrections officer misconduct being overlooked or disregarded is growing. The Michigan prison injury lawyer of Law Offices of Christopher Trainor & Associates can help with a case involving you or a loved one. Contact us today for a consultation. Call 248-886-8650.