Ryan Ford


            In the 10 years since he first began working at Christopher Trainor and Associates, Ryan Ford has successfully handled countless cases for people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents. Ryan’s clients have suffered severe, often life-altering injuries, as the result of negligent drivers. These clients have relied on Ryan’s expertise in understanding Michigan’s complex no-fault laws to help them recover the benefits that they are entitled to under the law for being injured in a motor vehicle accident. Whether it is getting their medical bills paid, recovering their lost wages or securing payment for their care providers, and compensating them for their pain and suffering, Ryan has taken on the biggest insurance companies around and their armies of adjusters and attorneys and made them pay his clients these benefits. Many of Ryan’s clients come to him after their insurance company has terminated their benefits – benefits that they depend on to keep their life on track while they recover from their injuries – for bogus reasons. Ryan’s clients at Trainor and Associates are being treated unfairly by large, wealthy insurance companies who look to boost their profits by denying people’s claims. Ryan stands up for his clients against these insurance companies, using his intricate knowledge of the law and aggressive litigation tactics to make them pay his clients what they deserve.

            When he isn’t busy practicing law, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and dog, Izzy. They enjoy taking vacations, partcipating in Daisy Troop events, building forts in their living room, and just enjoying life.