Chris Trainor is the best attorney I have ever seen. Prior to him, I worked with many different attorneys in various aspects of my business and would recommend him highly.

L.E. From Howell

Chris Trainor took over my case from another attorney who wanted us to settle on a much lesser amount of money than we thought we deserved. Chris Trainor has a new friend in us. We highly recommend them for any legal need. We will never use anyone else for any matter in the courts.

R.E. and J.E. From Linden

Chris Trainor made sure I wasn’t bullied by the big insurance company. He fought for me right until the end and won over $400,000 on my case. I will never use another attorney.

N.B. and F.B. From Pickney

Chris Trainor is not only a personal friend, but a great attorney. He truly cares about his clients and shows it by putting his clients and his client’s needs first.

T.T. From Detroit

Do not mess around with the choice of an attorney. Christopher Trainor is the one to call to protect your rights under the law. He will evaluate your situation and move forward on all fronts to protect you and your family from the tough challenges of a lawsuit or other legal matters. He is tough, compassionate, and he and his Associates went above and beyond the normal duties of an attorney for me.


I broke my foot on a private property and I found Christopher Trainor online. He and His Associates were a hoot to work with. Nothing can unbreak my foot. I’m just glad to be able to help those who helped me and teach people that they need to make sure their property is safe. Thank you Mr. Trainor.


I was a client of Mr. Trainor’s for 2 years. He and his firm are all about making sure everything they do is done properly. I would recommend him and his firm highly.


Chris Trainor took my case after two other attorneys turned me down. Trust me, I will never hire another attorney for any legal matter. Chris has my legal business for life. Without his expertise and knowledge, along with his dedication to his client, I was able to win $5.5 million on my injury accident. Thanks Chris!

E.V. From Canton

Chris Trainor did what three other previous attorneys said couldn’t be done… He won me $500,000 on my case… Thanks Chris.

N.T. From Detroit

Chris Trainor really took care of me, fighting for my rights from beginning to end. I appreciate your dedication to my case, which resulted far better than I ever thought possible… what a victory

T.T. and J.T. From Milford

If you don’t use Mr. Trainor you’re making a life changing mistake. If you do you’re putting yourself in the position to gain the best possible outcome for your given case. Chris was an amazing fighter who will gain you all you deserve for your situation. Kudos to Chris and his staff for a job well done. I know one thing I gained the right attorney for life.


Great lawyer! got what I needed in a timely manner. I recommend him to all my friends and family.


Mr. Trainor have fought my Civil case for over 4 years and It’s been some ups and downs but with the strength of God It all turned out for the best. He’s very skilled and talented. When times got rough he gave me hope and now that my case is over I just wanted to take the time to say Thanks Mr. Trainor and his team for everything!


I had a automobile accident 3 yrs. ago. Mr.Trainor and his Team went to work right away. Mr.Trainor got me medical attention and loss wages started right away. He dealt with both of the insurance companies as well. I would highly recommend Chris Trainor to all my family and friends and for anyone who needs help. Thank you again Mr. Christopher Trainor.