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Client was punched in the face by a police officer during the course of an unlawful traffic stop.


Client was excessively beaten by a police officer after getting out of his car in front of his house resulting in a traumatic brain injury, and a fractured neck.


Police misconduct


Wrongful death in a semi-truck accident.


Wrongful death civil rights police brutality case where client protested his brother being arrested and was choked out of breath.


Personal injury.


Client was riding a motorcycle and was hit by a drunk driver, sustaining a traumatic brain injury, and fractures in his lumbar spine.


A wrongful death case in which client’s vehicle was rear ended by a speeding out of control vehicle. Client recovered underinsured motorist coverage/benefits policy limits of $1,250,000.


Auto accident involving a commercial truck in which client sustained back, neck, and head injuries.


For a semi-truck hitting client causing client’s neck, back, and head injuries.


Client was hit by a car on his bicycle when he was a child. His attorney settled his case for next to nothing. We re-opened the case and he has lifetime benefits.


Client was involved in a hit and run car accident and was paid uninsured motorist benefits. Client receives lifetime benefits.


Negligence case against a Corporation which client had brain damage.


Improper handling of a body.  Clients flew their deceased mother from Alabama to Michigan and Funeral Directors mishandled the body.


Police shooting case


Police shooting a man trying to protect and keep his child.


Truck t-boned client’s car causing lumbar spine surgery and cervical spine herniated disc.


For employee’s in a sexual harassment case against the Mayor of a City and the City government.


False arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution based upon false and misleading information.


Client fell in a hole that caused her to fracture her hip.


For a client sustaining broken bones, broken arm, and a broken leg in an automobile accident.


Total for clients against the County government for violations of civil rights including Judge and Sheriff.


Illegal search and seizure and excessive force used by police.


Police unlawfully raided client’s home, holding them at gunpoint.


Inmate injured in jail by corrections officers.