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Michigan Legal CenterAccording to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to car accidents. There is a car accident every 10 seconds in the nation, with 30% of those accidents resulting from speeding drivers. Of the 6 million accidents a year in the United States, there are 90 fatalities a day. Over 30% of all fatal car accidents are caused by speeding drivers, resulting in over 30,000 deaths a year.

The highest percentage of drivers killed in car accidents attributed to speed are under the age of 20. These drivers, also, attribute for the highest percentage of those involved in car accidents and the fatalities resulting from those accident, including other causes.

Speeding has a serious impact on the ability of drivers to react in an emergency situation. Most drivers have a 1.5 second reaction time to emergency situations. Speeding can affect a driver’s ability to react to actions of other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and changes in road conditions.

Speeding increases the potential for car crashes and increases the risks for serious injury and death. Car accidents at slow speeds can result in cervical and neck injury, even with no damages to a vehicle. The consequences of a car accident, resulting from speeding, drastically increases the potential for serious injuries, like  broken bones, amputations, spinal cord injuries, head injuries and other severe injury. Cars traveling at high speeds increase the risk for fatalities.

Speed limits are set in place to decrease the potential for car accidents and their consequences. The penalties for speeding are serious and set in place to deter drivers from engaging in speeding, which is reckless driving. When someone gets behind the wheel of a car, they are taking on the responsibility of operating that car safely. The health and lives of a driver and those on the road depend on the safe operation of cars.

If someone has been involved in a car accident, which was caused by a speeding driver, they can be seriously hurt or killed. When someone has been involved in these types of accidents in Michigan, they should seek the assistance of a car accident lawyer.

A car accident lawyer can help individuals in Michigan who have been the victim of someone else’s speeding and have suffered damages from their reckless driving. If you have been involved in an accident in Michigan, which resulted from a speeding driver, contact a car accident lawyer in Michigan to determine if you are entitled to compensation.

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