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Michigan No-Fault Benefits Lawyer

The personal injury protection provision of Michigan’s no-fault laws entitle you to very valuable and helpful economic benefits if you are in a motorcycletruck or auto accident. The benefits include medical costs, wage loss and replacement services to pay for services you can no longer provide because of your injuries.

Below are benefits allowed by the Michigan no-fault laws:

  • Medical costs reimbursement: You may be eligible for reimbursement of all necessary medical costs incurred by you as a result of your accident. You may be able to coordinate benefits to pay for all expenses not covered by your basic health insurance. If you have full benefits you may be reimbursed for all necessary medical expenses incurred even if those are paid by a health insurance provider.
  • Transportation/medical mileage: Transportation expenses like mileage to and from doctors’ offices, hospitals and/or therapists, or transportation charges if you do not drive may also be reimbursed. You must keep detailed records of your mileage and expenses so you can present them to your insurance company along with your medical bills. This is a lifetime benefit.
  • Wage loss reimbur