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Despite awareness campaigns that expose the dangers of drunk driving, an unacceptable number of motorists choose to consume alcohol before hitting the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 28 people lose their lives every day because of intoxicated drivers; this equates to one death every 53 minutes.

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Victims who are lucky enough to survive often face an uphill climb to recovery. Some can never return to work; others must spend a veritable fortune on medical bills.

Although a drunk driving collision can injure almost any part of your body, the following areas are particularly vulnerable:

  1. Spinal cord;
  2. Legs and knees;
  3. Neck;
  4. Chest;
  5. And brain.

If a drunk or drugged driver injured in you Michigan, contact Christopher Trainor & Associates. An injury attorney in Detroit can assess your case and help you fight for the highest possible settlement. Our firm has been representing the injured for more than 20 years.

Call 1-800-961-8477 to schedule a free case evaluation.

Here is a brief overview of five common injuries in drunk driving collisions:

  1. Spinal Injuries

The effects of a spinal injury depend on its location and severity. In addition to partial or complete paralysis, a back injury can cause discs to rupture or slip, which can cause extreme pain and nerve damage.

  1. Leg and Knee Injuries

Injuries to the knees and legs typically occur in side-impact collisions. Broken bones, shattered knees, and torn ligaments can cause long-term complications. Some victims have permanent problems walking and cannot live the same active lifestyle they enjoyed before the crash.

  1. Neck Injuries

The neck is particularly vulnerable in a car crash. Although whiplash is the most widely reported neck injury, other wounds are far more serious. The impact of a collision can crush the trachea or damage the larynx, which can cause permanent difficulties related to eating, breathing and moving.

  1. Chest Injuries

Chest injuries to the ribs and sternum are common in high-speed crashes. This is why seatbelts are so important: They protect your chest from impacting the dashboard or steering wheel. Broken bones can be life-threatening if they puncture vital organs.

  1. Brain Injuries

Drunk driving crashes can cause lifelong cognitive disabilities. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, traumatic brain injuries can happen when an accident causes the neck to jolt or when the head impacts the side window, steering wheel or dashboard. Projectiles can also cause TBIs by penetrating the skull.

Consult an Experienced Injury Attorney

If you or a family member was injured by a drunk driver in Michigan, contact Christopher Trainor & Associates. A Detroit car accident lawyer can help you avoid mistakes such as accepting a low settlement or unknowingly admitting fault to the insurance company. With over 2,000 clients assisted and $200 million recovered for our clients, our firm staffs some of the top settlements and verdicts accident attorneys in Michigan. Call 1-800-961-8477 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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