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Insurance companies have several negotiation tactics that tilt the settlement evaluation in their favor. You will need a qualified Michigan injury attorney who can address these tactics and secure maximum value for your personal injury settlement.

The unreasonably low offer

The following are some known insurer negotiation tactics and some ways that an expert Michigan injury attorney can address them.

Suppose that your personal injury attorney assess your case to be worth somewhere in the $15,000 to $20,000 range. Your baseline is $12,000 and you and your attorney are aiming for $15,000 or better. Your attorney sends a letter of demand for settlement of $27,500 to the adjuster, who contacts your attorney and says he has examined the demand and offers an amount of $3,000. The adjuster provides little or no explanation for the very low offer.

Such an inexplicable offer could mean at least one of the following:


  • Your demand was so outlandishly high that the adjuster responded with his or her own ridiculous demand.
  • You are dealing with a conservative carrier who prefers to litigate rather than settle.
  • The adjuster is testing you and your personal injury attorney, hoping for both of you to cave in to the bad offer.
  • The adjuster is coaxing you and your attorney to lower your expectations in the case.
  • The adjuster has received minimal authority from his superiors or may be new to the job.


Your Michigan injury attorney can try several approaches in responding to the lowball offer, depending on the circumstances and your attorneys past experience with the adjuster.


  • You and your attorney may reconsider your demand and reduce your demand if appropriate.
  • If the carrier is conservative and refused to pay maximum amount until trial or at least at the last minute, your attorney can file your lawsuit and get ready to litigate.
  • Your attorney can ask the adjuster if it is possible for the offer to increase. If so, your attorney can propose a medium-range demand and wait for the adjusters next offer. If the adjuster moves up much closer to your bottom line, both parties can negotiate to achieve the settlement to a reasonable and acceptable range.
  • Your attorney can ask why the figure is so low. If the adjuster responds with good reasons, your attorney could try to attempt to reach settlement. If not, your attorney may ask to negotiate with the adjusters supervisor or claims manager. If the request is denied, your attorney would have no choice but file suit and get ready for trial.


Injured claimants seeking legal assistance from a Michigan injury attorney are welcome to call the Law Offices of Christopher Trainor & Associates at 1-800-961-8477. The initial consultation is free.


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