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Auto accident claims in Michigan depend on various factors including:

  • The extent of the damage.
  • Whether drivers have insurance and how much coverage.
  • Who is found responsible for the accident.

Many people struggle to determine what claims to pursue after a car accident. It ultimately comes down to the details of the crash and being aware of all available claim options.  Read into these five claims to file after your Michigan auto accident to determine which is best for you.

First-Party Claim

A first-party claim, also known as no-fault insurance, is the most common auto accident claim in Michigan. It aims to recover financial costs, including medical expenses, home modification expenses, wage loss, and transportation expenses incurred in the accident. The person involved in the auto accident files a claim against his own insurance company to recover these costs.

Uninsured Motorist Claim

Uninsured motorist claims are those filed against negligent drivers who lack auto insurance. It is important to know that to win this claim a person’s auto insurance must contain this policy. A car accident victim should first check to see if their plan covers this claim to avoid an unnecessary dilemma.

Property Damage Claim

A property damage claim is meant to recover any damages to a car and other properties during an accident. The amount a person can secure by filing this claim varies depending on numerous factors, including the type of collision coverage included in his auto insurance policy. Persons without collision coverage can use the Michigan Mini-Tort Law to recover damages.

Third-Party Claim

Also known as personal injury damages, third-party claims are meant to recover damages for injuries sustained because of an accident. Unlike the first party claim, which is easy to win, this claim is difficult to win because of the high threshold set for the body to be deemed injured. For a person to get a favorable judgment on this claim, the injuries must be severe enough to prevent the person from living a regular life by causing debilitating conditions such as permanent disfigurement and scarring. The families of those who die in auto accidents can file this claim too.

Underinsured Motorist Claim

When the negligent driver responsible for the accident has limited insurance coverage that does not cover your damages, you should pursue an underinsured motorist claim. This type of claim is similar to the uninsured motorist claim in all other aspects. You should also confirm that this policy is included in your own coverage before pursuing this claim.

It is advisable for you to inform your insurance agent of the accident immediately after it occurs. Amassing evidence of the crash, including eyewitness accounts and photos of the accident scene, helps build a strong case with a surety of compensation. A car accident attorney with Michigan Legal Center can further that effort. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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