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In a recent series of posts, we have been discussing how important a personal injury journal can be in helping your Michigan personal injury lawyers prepare your case. In this final part of the series, we will talk about some very practical items that need to be recorded.

Medical visits:

As you are writing your journal entries, be sure to include any and all visits with health professionals – i.e., doctors, therapists, pharmacists, counselors etc. Although all of these providers will have records that your attorney can obtain, your diary entries about the visits will contain more than facts. You can and should write about how you felt before, during, and after the visit; how you felt when you received new information or updates on your injuries; and what advice you were given and how you responded to it. Make sure you record the visit date, and the contact information for each health care professional, as well.

Witness list:

Set aside a page in your journal to record the names of all witnesses. This includes witnesses to the accident, as well as witnesses to your emotional trauma, functional consequences, pain and suffering, and wage loss. Include the name and contact information for each witness, and the date(s) the witness was present for specific, relevant events.


When you can, refer to other sections of your journal when you write current entries. For example, if you’re writing about therapy sessions for your leg injury, you might want to refer back the initial assessment of your injury.

In conclusion: Your journal will be valuable to the litigation, but, perhaps, more valuable t your personal recovery.Your personal injury journal is your chance to share exactly how you feel about all that has happened to you. Even though it will be an important aid for your attorney in preparing your case, the act of writing down your thoughts and feelings about everything you’re going through can be both liberating and cathartic. Try not look at keeping the journal as a chore, but as a way to acknowledge the changes you’re going through and to cope with difficult experiences. Many of our Michigan injury clients have reported that they actually like keeping a journal.

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