Methods of Applying for Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits

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Most people do not utilize the services of a Michigan disability attorney in their initial filing for Social Security disability or SSI benefits; rather they begin the process on their own. However, the following tips from a Michigan disability attorney may be helpful.

Methods of Applying

An applicant may apply in any of these three ways:


  • In person at their local Social Security office
  • Via telephone
  • Via the Internet


Applying in Person or Via Telephone

For applying either in person on by telephone, you must call the Social Security Administration (SSA) first. If you are planning to go to the office, the person you speak with at the 800 number will schedule an appointment for you. If you choose to apply by telephone, you will be given a date and approximate time to expect a call from an individual at SSA who will take your application over the phone. Upon completion of the application, it will be mailed to you for your signature.

Applying Via the Internet

To apply on for Social Security disability online, visit: However, if you want to apply for SSI (Social Security Income,) a Michigan disability attorney will caution that you cannot complete an SSI application online. (One document required for the SSI application, the Adult Disability and Work History Report, can however be completed online.)

Tips for Applying for Disability Benefits

The primary advice is that you, as the applicant, should provide all the information SSA requests in a straightforward and complete manner regarding each piece of information requested. It is important to be truthful as well. Although most applicants understand the need to not exaggerate, it is equally important that you do not minimize your disability. The way you describe why you cannot do any job you have done in the past 15 years and the level of detail you provide is of particular interest to the SSA.

The Law Offices of Christopher Trainor & Associates is a Michigan disability attorney group that offers counsel at all stage of the disability process. Call 800-961-8477 for a free consultation.

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