What’s a Pain Journal and How Can It Help My Car Accident Case in Michigan?

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At Michigan Legal Center, we take pride in educating our clients so they are prepared when legal issues arise. Car accidents are the most common issue we deal with and we are happy to have been a part of many settlements and compensations. One of the key reasons these cases work out well is the use of a pain journal to help with the car accident case in Michigan.

What Is a Pain Journal?

A pain journal is a personal diary where you keep track of your personal injuries after an accident and account for how they affect your life. The first thing in your journal should be a detailed record of what accident and what happened. You should include the timing of the accident, where it happened, what the weather conditions were like, the models of the cars involved, etc. The more you include, the better.

Following that, you will keep a daily record of how the injuries and damages play a role in your daily life. Provide an account for time you must take off of work to rest or for medical appointments you attend. Write down what the doctors say and what prescriptions you are given, especially if those treatments accrue additional costs outside of insurance coverage. Be sure to be specific about how the accident takes a toll on your schedule and activities.

Why Is a Pain Journal Helpful in a Car Accident Case?

Michigan is a no-fault state, so regardless of who is at fault for the accident, car insurance will cover damages to the vehicles and things inside of them. However, when it comes to personal injury, that can be trickier to get coverage on and it is important that you have evidence to support your claims.

The journal can be used as evidence to support the claims you make during your case, so it is important that the information is honest, accurate, and as detailed as possible. As an example, if you are hoping to get compensation for a shoulder injury following an accident, you should ensure the journal reflects how your shoulder bothers you. You should also be sure to include how having a hurt shoulder inhibits your work or typical day-to-day tasks, as mentioned above.

The fact is, the journal will help act as a record of your claims. It will be used to prove what you are saying is true along with the other accumulated evidence from the accident like photos, insurance claims, etc.

Talk to Your Personal Injury Lawyer about Pain Journals

At Michigan Legal Center, we are prepared to answer any questions you have about pain journals and how they will help us win your case. With over $200 million dollars in verdicts and settlements, you can feel confident that we have the tools necessary to get the compensation you deserve.

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