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Automated cars are more prominent now than ever before. From services such as Uber testing to see if they’re a viable method of transport, to motor vehicle companies like BMW and Volvo implementing self-driving technology into their vehicles, autonomous driving technology will see many advances in upcoming years changing the way we drive (or are driven). It’s in your best interest to understand exactly how these self-driving vehicles will affect you. Here are a few important questions that most people have about driverless cars.

Would You be a Driver or a Passenger?

This is the most common question that people have. The answer is you could be either. If you want to drive your eventual new self-driving BMW, then you can. If you’d rather let the vehicle take over and do some work on a long commute, you can also choose that option. Automation gives us choices. Over the next decade you could be cruising in your vehicle yourself, or be chauffeured around while you complete other tasks.

Would There be Fewer Accidents?

According to a 2008 survey by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, human error is the cause of 93% of crashes. Roads are much safer after eliminating the human element. There have been reports of human error being the cause of several crashes involving self-driving vehicles. A crash in Arizona that included Uber’s automated Volvo XC90 found that human error was to blame for the accident. Whether someone is texting and driving, eating and driving, or doesn’t yield for traffic, human error is generally the reason accidents occur. Automated vehicles will be tested before being declared fit for the road, but we should expect far fewer accidents once they are implemented into our daily routines.

Will Laws Change to Accommodate Automated Vehicles?

Currently, laws anticipate the existence of a “driver” that will be in control of the vehicle at all times. Vehicle use regulations may need to be revised to allow automated technology to ensure that the technology is properly maintained. The number of legislations involving automated vehicles increases every year and 18 states have already passed multiple legislations that support and encourage testing of self-driving vehicles.. As these vehicles become more common, more laws are expected to be implemented.

Will There be Driverless Trucks?

Across the US, driverless trucks are already being tested. By 2025, it’s suspected that semi-trucks will become “smart-trucks.” Trucks would receive data for the transport and the driver can accomplish tasks like processing documents while the truck drives itself.

Automated vehicles are expected to become a common way to travel in upcoming years. Staying updated on laws and legislation regarding self-driving cars will turn into a necessity. Michigan Legal Center stays up to date on vehicle and auto accident laws. We’ll be able to help you file the appropriate claim for your case whether you are driving or if the vehicle is driving itself. While automated vehicles haven’t become commonplace yet, it’s important that you stay updated with auto accident laws.

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