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Michigan injury lawyer, Christopher Trainor, offers insight into how the insurance company views your case

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Insurance Laws | 0 comments

As a Michigan injury lawyer, I have spent decades dealing with insurance companies, their adjusters, and their lawyers. Along the way, I have learned several “truths” about the insurance defense industry. For example:

Insurance defense attorneys make more money litigating than settling.
Insurance defense attorneys (that is, lawyers hired and paid by the insurance company to defend against personal injury claims like yours) do not work on a contingency basis like plaintiff’s lawyers do. They bill by the hour, and they get paid whether they win the case or not.  The more time they bill to a case, the more money they earn. Thus, if you and your Michigan injury attorney decide that a lawsuit is in your best interests, you must be prepared to see it through to trial because the defense attorney has little incentive to settle early.

Some insurance companies simply won’t settle a small- to medium-range personal injury claim.
Some conservative insurance companies have adopted a “take it or leave it” approach to small personal injury cases, and have implemented strict policies to put this company philosophy into practice. These companies rarely make a reasonable settlement offer in a smaller case, especially one involving soft tissue injuries. They know that most personal injury attorneys cannot afford the time and expense of a prolonged litigation and will settle most claims rather than go to trial. The conservative carriers know this “take it or leave it” approach works in a large number of cases. Savvy and experienced Michigan injury attorneys know which insurance companies have adopted this approach and will take appropriate steps to protect their clients.

Contact Michigan injury attorney, Christopher Trainor
You can, if you choose to, deal with the insurer and handle your personal injury claim entirely on your own. Your chances of receiving a fair and just settlement will be greatly improved, however, if you have an experienced Michigan injury attorney looking out for your best interests. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your case

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