Personal Injury Mistakes to Avoid

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When it comes to personal injury litigation, plaintiffs’ behavior and decisions can greatly affect the outcome of their cases. A Michigan truck accident lawyer has the knowledge and experience to guide plaintiffs through the following do’s and don’ts of conduct.

The Importance of Communicating with a Michigan Truck Accident Attorney
Good communication between an attorney and client is one key to a concrete personal injury case. Plaintiffs who inadvertently make these communication faux pas may irreparably damage their opportunity to receive a favorable case outcome:

  • Fail to update their Michigan truck accident lawyer about basic material such as contact information
  • Refuse to abide by the attorney’s advice
  • Skip essential attorney-client engagements that can be key to trial planning
  • Discuss the case with people besides the case attorney

Steady communication ensures that both parties—the Michigan truck accident lawyer and his or her client—are on the same page and can build the strongest personal injury case possible.

The Proper Way to Interact with Medical Professionals
It is essential that plaintiffs treat their medical professionals and employers in the same manner that they treat their Michigan truck accident attorney. This means that plaintiffs should always complete the following actions.

  • Attend all scheduled appointments with medical professionals
  • Strictly follow all advice received from medical professionals
  • Retain medical records, injury documents, treatment bills, doctor statements, etc.
  • Act properly at work and around employers
  • Avoid interacting with case witnesses if the interactions may negatively affect the personal injury case (if unsure about what this entails, plaintiffs should consult their Michigan truck accident lawyer)

Following the checklist above can bolster a plaintiff’s reputation and help to ensure that the defense cannot call the plaintiff’s conduct into question.

Other Behavior with Potentially Negative Effects
A Michigan truck accident lawyer should also make plaintiffs aware that their marital troubles and criminal records can be used to damage their reputation and reliability in court.

Plaintiffs May Need Guidance

A Michigan truck accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Christopher Trainor & Associates knows about these common plaintiff mistakes and more. Contact one of the firm’s knowledgeable attorneys at (800) 961-8477 to see if he or she can help you avoid the worst personal injury pitfalls.


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