How to Avoid Retaliatory Criminal Charges

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As a citizen of the United States, you have certain civil rights that you’re privileged to. In many situations, civil rights are violated by law enforcement or other government entities. When this happens, officials might attempt to press retaliatory criminal charges against you. If you have been involved in a situation where your civil rights were violated, understanding retaliatory criminal charges and what you can do to avoid them is essential for your future. 

Understanding Retaliatory Criminal Charges

Retaliatory charges or a retaliatory arrest is when a person is arrested because law enforcement or a government entity does not approve of that person’s actions. Although everyone is innocent until proven guilty, the main difference between a retaliatory arrest and a criminal arrest is that in a retaliatory arrest there’s no probable cause for an arrest.

Common Reasons People Face Retaliatory Criminal Charges

Retaliatory criminal charges are most often pressed when a person (or group of people) are exercising first-amendment rights. Common reasons why law enforcement officials press retaliatory criminal charges include:

The most prominent reason innocent individuals face retaliatory criminal charges is to cover up the fact that law enforcement, or another government entity, made a mistake. If you’re facing criminal charges that you believe are without cause, the best thing you can do to protect your future is to hire a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. 

Protect Yourself From Retaliatory Criminal Charges in Michigan

In a situation where you believe you’re facing unjustified criminal charges, it’s important to do everything in your power not to aggravate the situation. There are a number of actions you can take to protect yourself from the consequences of retaliatory charges including:

  • Remain calm while speaking to law enforcement officials
  • Refrain from making incriminating statements
  • Follow the instructions of law enforcement officials 
  • Make a mental note of witnesses and possible evidence
  • Hire a local criminal defense attorney as soon as possible

Being aware of your actions during your arrest will help you to make sound decisions that will aid in proving your innocence in court. Furthermore, the most important thing to remember about retaliatory charges is that you’re innocent until proven guilty. And with the proper legal counsel, you can help to ensure that you will have a viable defense strategy that will stand up in court.

Call Upon Experienced Legal Representation Near You

If you believe your civil rights have been violated, it’s time to obtain trusted legal representation. Christopher Trainor & Associates have been serving the state of Michigan for more than twenty years and are ready to serve you too. We care deeply about our clients and understand that every case is unique. By taking the time to get to know you, we enable ourselves to develop a viable case strategy that stands up in court. As experienced legal professionals, we’re happy to answer any questions you have and advise you on the next steps you need to take.  Call 1-800-961-8477 for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.

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